Santorini Greek Kitchen • Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santorini Greek Kitchen

1417 Prospect St Indianapolis, IN 46203

After going duckpin bowling in the early afternoon, we decided to stop by Santorini for linner (between lunch and dinner) because it was very close and had really great reviews.




With many apps to pick from, we decided our best option (for trying several different types and getting the best value) was to get the Combination of Three ($18.00). Just as the name suggests, we got to choose three different appetizers and saved a couple of dollars (most appetizers were $7 or $8). Our first plate to arrive was the Saganaki, a flaming cheese, made with kafalograviera; a tasty goat cheese. The presentation is IMG_0611like that at your Japanese habachi steakhouse, except the flames don’t happen on your table, just close by. The server squeezes a lemon wedge before placing the plate down. I must admit it smelled a little like tilapia when it was set at our table, but once I bit into the cheese I quickly forgot about the smell. Kefalograviera is a hard table cheese produced traditionally from sheep’s milk or mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk. By setting the cheese on fire, the outside remained firm, while the inside was gooey. Although it is a goat cheese it didn’t taste like your usual goat cheese; it was much more mild. The lemon added some acidity to the cheese. It comes with pita which made for great sandwiches.
Recommendation: For the presentation alone, this is worth getting. Not to mention  the cheese tasted great.

Spanokopita and Hummus

Spanokopita and Hummus

Our second choice was Hummus, a flavorful, creamy dip made with ground chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice and garlic, served with pita. This hummus had a silkier texture than most other types of hummus, and the cold hummus was a nice contrast with the warm pita. The pita (for this dish and the Saganaki) was light and airy, and had a very slight crust on it from the grill.
Recommendation: A great option for something delicious, vegetarian, and light. Great for sharing.

Our last choice was Spanokopita—spinach & feta tenderly encased in layers of phyllo, brushed with butter and baked until golden brown. Out of the three apps this was our least favorite. It was good but not as good as the other two apps we had. The spinach filling was a little bland and there wasn’t as much of the filling as we have had at other restaurants. It comes with tzatziki sauce, which lacked dill and cucumber.
Recommendation: Good, but the Hummus and Saganaki were better.


Gyro ($14.00)
Gyro ($14.00)

For us, there is one must when we go to a Greek place—the Gyro. We got the Gyro ($14.00) which seemed like a lot for a gyro, but it comes with a Salad, Mediterranean Green Beans, Rice Pilaf and Greek Potatoes. The salad was your standard Greek salad with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and feta and had a very light lemon and oil vinaigrette. The Greek Potatoes were amazing. They were boiled but not mashed and were doused with lemon with a little oregano on top. It was our first time having lemon potatoes but they were delicious. The Rice Pilaf was kind of bland and the Green Beans were our least favorite side. Their Gyro is a combination of beef and lamb. The shavings are cut super thin and are then topped with tzatziki, tomatoes, onions, feta and an olive. The Gyro was delicious—one of the best we have had, however, it was a little small and could not be eaten with you hands because the pita was to small for the meat and toppings.
Recommendation: A must!


Since leaving St. Petersburg, FL, we have struggled finding a Gyro as good as Spiros  (their Gyros are even better than ones we have had in Greece!). This place came close. Needless to say, this will be our go-to Greek place when we are downtown.


Food: 4.5/5
Downtown Indy (Fountain Square)
Greek, Mediterranean
Dress Code:

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