The Loft Restaurant • Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Loft Restaurant

9101 Moore Rd. Zionsville, IN 46077

With Sean’s brother still in town, we decided to go to The Loft Restaurant located at Trader’s Point Creamery (TPC) for brunch. Unfortunately, it was Saturday and they only do brunch on Sundays (note to everyone else), so we settled for lunch. The Creamery is located on a quaint road and has a cute exterior. Once you enter the creamery, you walk up the stairs to get to the loft. The loft has a ski lodge feel to it with wood beams. The food here is all local, organic and most of it is made from their own farm. With it being Christmas time, the whole place was decorated in proper decor and even had a 20′ tall tree.


Being a creamery, it was a no brainer to order the cheese board ($16). Not only did the board come with five different types of cheeses, but they were accompanied with a fig chutney, a honeycomb, and Amelia’s bread. Pictured from left to right, top to bottom: bread, brie/camembert cheese, fleur la terre, a Fromage Blanc herb, honeycomb, tome, a fig chutney,and aFremage Blanc spicy.

cheese board ($16)

cheese board ($16)


 The tome was the strongest of the cheeses, but still wasn’t as strong as a bleu. It was best had with the chutney, honey, and bread. The chutney was exceptional! The Fleur la Terre is a cheese created by the creamery it is very mild in taste and is sweet, nutty and herbacous with buttery notes. The bread which was from Amelia’s tasted a little stale—it had that bite to it that made it hard to break off. The brie/camembert tasted as you would expect. The Fremage Blanc spicy was, as its name suggests, spicy and paired well with the chutney. The Fremage Blanc herb had an herb flavor but was not too herby. Both Fremage Blancs were soft, with the consistency of whipped cream cheese. The honeycomb was a good touch to show how fresh all the ingredients were.
Recommendation: When at a Creamery, get items made with dairy, like the cheese board. Nailed it!


Ranchero Burger ($17)

Ranchero Burger ($17)

Both Sean and his brother ordered the Ranchero Burger ($17)—a grilled grassfed burger, brioche bum, TPC pepper jack cheese, bacon, mild chile sauce, and a fried egg. For being a grassfed meat, this burger lacked the fresh taste one would normally expect. The burger was about an inch and a half thick, but lacked seasoning. They also ordered the burger medium and one came out medium and the other well done. The egg was a little over cooked (over hard) and ended up not having that much of a runny yoke as we would have liked. The cheese was good, but the pepper jack flavor was hard to taste as it competed with the chili. The meat to bun ratio was good. The chile acted like ketchup and was a good addition to the burger. All entrèes come with a choice of sides. Both of them got the vegetables of the day—grilled carrots and onions—but they were not seasoned.
Recommendation: For being grassfed, and $17, one would expect great things. This was just okay.

Farm Burger ($14) with avocados ($1) and bacon ($1)

Farm Burger ($14) with avocados ($1) and bacon ($1)

I ordered the Farm Burger ($14)- a 100% grassfed burger, brioche bun, lettuce, red onion, and garlic mayonnaise. THIS DOES NOT COME WITH CHEESE! Cheese, along with avocados, bacon, and mushrooms can be added for $1 each. I got mine with avocados and bacon, but did not see that it was just a hamburger (the cheese was the last option). I ordered my burger medium and it came out well done. Just as Ranchero Burgers, the burger lacked seasoning and was not as good as other grassfed burgers we have tasted. I chose the salt and pepper chips as my side. These were thick and crispy. Definitely better than the vegetables.
Recommendation: Same comment as Ranchero.

Kale Salad ($11) with grilled salmon ($6)

Kale Salad ($11) with grilled salmon ($6)

Sean’s brother’s partner ordered the Kale Salad ($11) with dried fruit,  nuts, apples, and a maple-cider vinaigrette. She added grilled salmon for an extra $6. For an $11 salad, there was only four or five pieces of kale, and a quarter of an apple. The salmon was slightly salty, but the vinaigrette helped balance out the salt. For $17, there certainly was not a lot of salad as one would expect.
Recommendation: Skip.


Sean ordered an eggnog vanilla milkshake. It was vanilla ice cream made with eggnog cream instead of milk. Both the ice cream and eggnog are made from their cows. Although the ice cream was NOT vanilla bean, it was very delicious. We also ordered a strawberry smothie with vanilla yogurt. This was the best smothie any of us have had. So many strawberries and so fresh.
Recommendation: Both were very good!


We don’t mind paying extra money for food that is organic and locally sourced. What we do mind is when said food is not great. The grassfed burgers sounded better than they tasted. Also, when 2/3 of our burgers were not cooked as asked, there is  a consistency problem. The only things worth getting were those that were made by the creamery (i.e. the milkshake, smothie, and cheeseboard). Come to Trader’s Point Creamery, there just isn’t a reason to come to the Loft Restaurant for a full meal (i.e. just the cheese plate). You can go upstairs and order a milkshake or smothie from the dairy bar.


Food: 2.5/5
North Suburban (Zionsville)
American (Traditional), Farm-to-Fork
Dress Code:

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