Late Harvest Kitchen • Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Late Harvest Kitchen

8605 River Crossing Indianapolis, IN 46240

We often find ourselves in Keystone and every time Sean tells me to make reservations at LHK. This time I finally listened. We sat in the front room, a small area with only a couple of tables and the bar. It was really cozy and we had a nice view of the fire pits on the patio. The back room is much larger, thus also louder. The decor was very modern and welcoming. It’s also worth mentioning that the hostess was very friendly and helpful. We always appreciate when every staff member recognizes the importance of cheerful and attentive service since it’s increasingly hard to come by.


Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad ($8)

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad ($8)

We started with the Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad ($8) that comes with sieved egg, smoked almonds, Parmesan, and a citrus vinaigrette. This salad was fantastic. Every ingredient had a purpose in the salad and every ingredient could really be tasted. The shaved Brussels sprouts were mild and light and the almonds provided some much appreciated crunch. The Parmesan did a good job of adding  nuttiness and salt. By sieving the egg, the egg yolk could be tasted, but did not overpower the rest of the ingredients. The citrus vinaigrette was perfect, as it was slightly acidic and all-around delicious. 
Recommendation: This was a great and flavorful way to start the meal.

General Tso' Pork Belly ($10)

General Tso’ Pork Belly ($10)

After getting our veggies for the meal it was time for the General Tso’ Pork Belly ($10) with stir fried vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, butternut squash) and garnished with chives. The pork belly (four cuts about 1/2″ thick) was oh so tender, and the general Tso’s sauce was delicious—sweet with a little heat. It went perfectly with the belly and the vegetables. Also, for the amount of food, this was a great value.
Recommendation: Think about ordering two. It’s that good!


Chicken Schnitzel ($16)

Chicken Schnitzel ($16)


With two delicious appetizers behind us, we were looking forward to our main dishes.  I was torn between the Ribeye ($38) and the Chicken Schnitzel ($16) with spaetzle, lemon butter sauce, and capers. Despite the server’s recommendation against the chicken, I went with it because of the lemon butter sauce. I should have listened! It was good, but dry; it needed more lemon butter sauce. The chicken was thin and fried finely chopped bread crumbs. Although the lemon butter sauce was hard to find, it did taste lemony. Sean enjoyed the spaetzle, but we both thought this dish lack some color and both the spaetzle and breading made the dish too carby. The capers helped add some salt to the dish.
Recommendation: I should have listened to the server when he said the chicken was his least favorite dish.

Pork Cheeks ($25)

Pork Cheeks ($25)

Sean ordered the Pork Cheeks ($25) with vegetable risotto and pine nut gremolata. The pork cheeks were melt-in-your-mouth tender. The pork cheeks have a similar taste and texture to brisket, with the cheeks being a little more tender. The risotto didn’t really have a flavor and the texture was too similar to the cheeks, which gave the dish a mushy texture. Thankfully, the pine nuts added  a little (but not enough) crunch to the dish.
Recommendation: A really good dish that just needed more texture.


Hand Cut Kennebec Fries ($8)

Hand Cut Kennebec Fries ($8)

One of the main reasons Sean wanted to go here was because of the Hand Cut Kennebec Fries ($8) with smoked bone marrow butter and jalapeños. Sean uses bone marrow butter on his steaks and loves the flavor, so he was really craving this dish. All side dishes are family style, enough for 2-4 people per side. Our server was kind enough to tell us we just needed one side, as another side also looked quite tasty. Despite the bone marrow butter covering the fries, they held up their texture really well. The bone marrow added some fantastic richness and the jalapeños added spice, salt, and helped cut the richness of the marrow.
Recommendation: It should almost be illegal to serve these, as they are addicting, and just thinking about them will make you salivate at random times during the day.


Sticky Toffee Pudding ($8)

Sticky Toffee Pudding ($8)

You cannot come to LHK without ordering the Sticky Toffee Pudding ($8). It is a bread pudding  with a toffee sauce and whipped cream on top. The pudding itself was a little flavorless and excessively (mouth burning) hot, but that didn’t stop us from eating it with the toffee sauce. The whipped cream helped cool the pudding down in our mouths.
Recommendation: One of our favorite bead puddings in the city!


Seeing how our server was also the bartender, we were prompted to order some drinks. Sean had the Ginger Baker ($10) a bourbon drink with ginger-peppercorn syrup, allspice dram, and lemon.  This drink was well rounded—smoke from the bourbon and bitter from the ginger, spice (think cinnamon) from the allspice dram, and citrus from the lemon. I liked it because the bourbon was well disguised.
Recommendation: A great drink for bourbon and non bourbon drinkers.

I ordered the Passport ($10) which had vodka, Domaine de Canton (a ginger liquor), basil, grapes and lime. This drink was very refreshing and tropical. The basil and lime were the main flavors to be tasted.
Recommendation: A mojito, but better!


Our server was attentive and provided great suggestions. The food tasted fresh. We just had one mis-order with the chicken (it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either). One thing to note is that (to us) there weren’t too many other main dishes we would have ordered that night. With great food, drinks, service, and dessert this place has it all. It definitely deserves a spot on our top rated. We look forward to coming back.


Food: 4.5/5
Northeast (Keystone)
American (New), Gastropub, Farm-to-Fork
Dress Code:

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