Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles • Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

132 N East St  Indianapolis, IN 46204

We pulled into this breakfast/brunch joint on a Sunday at a time when a lot of other restaurants in the area were closed. Upon entering, we were immediately greeted with a friendly hello and were given the choice between a table or a booth. This place was packed with an eclectic mix of people all looking for the same thing: an awesome combo of chicken and waffles.


Waffle and Wing ($6)

Waffle and Wing ($6)

I ordered the Waffle and Wing ($6) combination. This comes with their standard waffle and peach butter topped with one fried chicken wing.  Their chicken and waffle dish consists of one waffle and three wings ($10.95), so the waffle and wing is probably a better deal. As a waffle lover, it was disappointing that their waffle was subpar. It also didn’t help that it came to the table luke warm, at best. It can only be described as hard, dry and flavorless. Thankfully the peach butter provided some flavor and also made the waffle go down a little easier. The peach butter was good, but it would have been hard to pinpoint the flavor had someone not told us what it was. The chicken was coated in flour and fried to perfection. On its own, the chicken was very flavorful and the right amount of salty. I’m not a huge chicken wing fan, so I was surprised that I enjoyed the wing more than the few bites of waffle that I had. Fortunately for me, Sean makes a mean waffle, so I won’t be making this mistake again.
Recommendation: While it is a staple here, don’t be surprised if you’re not blown away.

3 Jumbo Wing Dinner ($13.49) with a side of mac n' cheese

3 Jumbo Wing Dinner ($13.49) with a side of mac n’ cheese

I wanted to try the mac n’ cheese ($3.49 when ordered as a side) and our waitress informed us it would be cheaper for Sean to order the 3 Jumbo Wing Dinner ($13.49) since it already comes with two sides. A waffle (regular size) is a side here, so he ordered the waffle and mac as his sides.

Sweet Potato Waffle ($0.50 extra)

Sweet Potato Waffle ($0.50 extra)

Sean opted for a Sweet Potato Waffle ($0.50 extra). Much like my waffle, his was slightly dry, but was far more flavorful. Both waffles were overly sweet when eaten with the peach butter AND syrup, so we didn’t bother using syrup at all. He also drenched his chicken with the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce they provide on the table. This combination even went well with the waffle and sweet butter.
Recommendation: If you get a waffle, the Sweet Potato Waffle is a better way to go.


The Mac n’ Cheese  (included in Sean’s meal, but normally $3.49) was delicious and exactly what mac should be—soft, creamy, cheesy (cheddar) and not too salty. Sean also added some Frank’s hot sauce to give his bites a little extra zing. It’s an awful combo in my opinion, but I’ve come to accept that he adds hot sauce to everything.
Recommendation: Definitely worth getting.

Fried Green Tomatoes ($3.49)

Fried Green Tomatoes ($3.49)

Whenever we eat at a southern restaurant, I almost always order Fried Green Tomatoes ($3.49). Here, they were breaded with cornmeal. The cornmeal didn’t have any spices (including salt and pepper) which made the dish very bland. I think their frier was set a little low for these, as the breading wasn’t overly crispy, yet the inside was mushy. The southern sauce they provide for dipping was the only element with any flavor. Its base was most likely a mayonnaise, sour cream and milk mixture with a hint of horseradish and diced pickles.
Recommendation: Definitely too bland to reorder.

Biscuit ($0.99)

Biscuit ($0.99)

We wanted to try a Biscuit ($0.99), but Sean immediately regretted this decision. It tasted exactly like raw flour. The end.
Recommendation: If you’re in the mood for some warm biscuits, you’re better off buying some from the store.


For a place known for its southern cooking, we were pretty disappointed overall. When compared to the memorable southern food we’ve had in the past, Maxine’s isn’t even in the same ball park. Other than the wings and mac n’ cheese, there isn’t any reason to return.


Food: 2/5
Breakfast, Brunch, Southern
Dress Code:

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