H20 Sushi • Tuesday, March 11, 2014

H20 Sushi

1912 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220
We hadn’t had sushi or barbecue since coming to Indy, so it was about time to change that. Needing to satisfy our craving we decided to try H20 sushi with some friends. We’ve heard great things about this place so our expectations were already set pretty high. They have a number of regular rolls as well as daily specials.

Edamame ($5)

Edamame Suzy ($5)



To start, we tried two different styles of edamame. The first was traditional Edamame ($5). There isn’t too much to say about the traditional version, since the only seasoning added was salt. They were cooked well and tasted great, as usual. The other version of edamame we tried was called Suzy ($5) which comes with jalapeños, cilantro and a citrus-type sauce. The sauce had a little spice and tasted wonderful. The jalapeño and cilantro also added great flavor. Both of these came to the table luke warm, not hot, so they got cold rather quickly.
Recommendation: We will definitely be ordering the Suzy again.

Buttery Nipple ($11) and  The Crazy Ho ($15)

Buttery Nipple ($11) and The Crazy Ho ($15)

H20 is known for serving sushi rolls that are unique. Sean ordered the Buttery Nipple ($11) (pictured top right) which had bass, cucumber, sweet onion, tobiko, spicy sauce and sriracha. This was the first time either of us had seen bass being offered in a sushi roll. It had a very smooth texture and was not chewy at all. The cucumber added a slight crunch for texture and countered the heat of the spicy sauce and sriracha.
Recommendation: As one of the cheaper rolls here, this was not a bad option, but did not have the complex flavors other rolls did.

The other roll Sean ordered was The Crazy Ho ($15) (pictured on the bottom left). This roll is a spicy tuna roll with crispy wontons wrapped with eel, crab, avocado and topped with a spicy sauce, eel sauce and tobiko. Of the all of our rolls, this had the most flavors and textures. Every piece in the roll was topped with either eel, crab or avocado (two of each). The eel was charred, so the two pieces it topped had more crunch than the others and also made the pieces taste a little smokier. The crab-topped rolls weren’t as flavorful because the crab got lost in all the other ingredients, so these were Sean’s least favorite. The pieces with avocado on top were his favorite because all the flavors were well balanced. The eel sauce, which is normally one of his favorite sauces for sushi because of its sweetness, was not tasted at all. The wontons were fried and cut into small pieces and added to the roll. As you would have guessed, this added the perfect amount of texture. The wasabi was up to par (at some places the wasabi barely has any punch to it) and the ginger was fresh.
Recommendation: Although this was the most expensive roll on the menu, it is certainly worth it.
Jo Pesci ($9) and Crunch Roll ($13)

Jo Pesci ($9) and Crunch Roll ($13)

The first roll I tried (on the left) was the Jo Pesci ($9) which has shrimp, jalapeño, avocado and cilantro. The cilantro added some citrus to the roll, but the avocado was very small and did not come through in any of the flavors. The shrimp (cooked) was not too ‘shrimp-y’ and was a good seafood choice for the other ingredients. The jalapeño, although also very small and hard to find, did add a slight kick to the roll.
Recommendation: It didn’t blow us away, but we wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again.
The other roll (pictured right on the right side of the plate) was the Crunch Roll ($13) with shrimp, crab, spicy cream cheese, wonton and cucumbers. This is the only roll we ordered that was six pieces, although they were bigger than the other rolls. There is just something about cream cheese and sushi that is delicious and this roll was no exception. The wontons and cucumbers added some crispness to the roll that we appreciated. It was hard to taste the difference between the crab and the shrimp, but the flavors were good. The cream cheese was flavorful not overly spicy.
Recommendation: Light seafood, cream cheese and wontons. What’s not to love?
Oatmeal Cookie with Espresso Whipped Cream

Oatmeal Cookie with Espresso Whipped Cream

There was only one dessert item, the Oatmeal Cookie with espresso whipped cream (we apologize that we don’t remember the price). The cookies were thick, moist and came to the table out-of-the-oven warm. They were absolutely delicious and it was obvious they were homemade. The espresso whipped cream was light and the espresso flavor wasn’t overpowering. We found that the cookie was best without the whipped cream, but to each his own. The cookies were so big, we couldn’t finish and had to take them home. They kept very well and were just as good a day or two later.
Recommendation: Although these are large enough to share, you’re not going to want to.

This place has some unique sushi rolls to offer, and although some are better than others, we didn’t dislike any of them. Their dessert was simple, yet delicious. One thing to note is that they pour the beer—probably to prevent people from doing saki bombs. With this being our first sushi experience in Indy, we were satisfied on all fronts, although we do hope to find a place that far exceeds our sushi expectations.


Food: 3.5/5
Northeast (Broad Ripple)
Japanese, Seafood, Sushi
Dress Code:

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