Goose The Market • Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Goose The Market

2503 N Delaware St. Indianapolis, IN 46205
Goose the Market is a meat shop that offers various meats, cheeses, fish, spices and local produce. While they aren’t a restaurant by any means, they do offer a limited selection of sandwiches. Their seating area is made up of about four bar stools by the window, so if they’re taken, you’ll probably have to get your food to go. We originally stopped in because I signed Sean up for the Bacon of the Month Club ($69 for a four month membership) as a Valentine’s Day gift. After all, there is no better way to a man’s heart than bacon. As a part of the bacon club, you swing by the store each month (or you can have the bacon shipped to you overnight for an additional $128 for four months) to pick up that month’s bacon selection. Members receive one pound of bacon per month from “healthy animals raised naturally, sustainably and on open pasture at nearby farms.” If you choose to continue your membership after the first four months, the price drops to $55. March’s flavor was Honey Jalapeno Bacon, and as a new member, Sean also got a t-shirt. Our one-line review is that this was the best bacon we have ever had, hands down. It’s exactly what bacon should be, but when you’re paying that much for bacon (about $17.25 per pound), it better be.
Batali ($7.85)

Batali ($7.85)

While we were picking up our bacon, we decided to try two of their sandwiches. Sean ordered the Batali ($7.85) with spicy coppa, soppressata, capocolla, provolone, tomato preserves, hot giardinara, marinated red onion, mayo and shredded romaine lettuce. All of their sandwiches come on a thin (1″ to 1 and 1/2″) white bread with a very crunchy crust. Of the two sandwiches we had, this was definitely the more flavorful one. This sandwich had a little spice from the meats, but certainly was not overbearing. The hot giardinara was flavorful (although not as good as Potbelly’s peppers) and helped compliment the spicy meats. The sandwich was toasted, which made the cheese nice and gooey.
Recommendation: Probably the best sandwich they offer, but still pales in comparison to the Spicy Italian at Mazzaro’s in St. Petersburg, FL.

The Goose ($7.85)

The Goose ($7.85)

I ordered The Goose ($7.85) with prosciutto rossa, basil, fresh mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. We weren’t paying attention while this sandwich was being made, but we don’t believe this sandwich was heated as it was cold two minutes after leaving. This sandwich was very bland and just one note—prosciutto. The basil and mozzarella got lost in the saltiness of the prosciutto. Sean loves prosciutto so he enjoyed this sandwich more than I did, but we both agreed that the Batali was the better sandwich and that we wouldn’t order this in the future.
Recommendation: Only get if you have an unhealthy obsession with prosciutto.
In addition to all the salty items they offer, Goose also has some sweets. They serve eight flavors of sorbets or gelato ($3 sm/$4 med/$5 lg). We got a small and were able to try two different flavors—Double Dutch Fudge and Butter Pecan. Of the two, the Butter Pecan was our favorite. It was buttery and had several pecans to add some great texture.
Recommendation: They let you sample before you make a selection so you’re not stuck with something you don’t like. While it’s not good enough on its own to make a special trip, it’s worth a try if you’re already there.
This place offers dozens of different types of meats, including some we had never heard of, many cheeses and they also sell fish for pickup on Friday. Their prices were comparable to Whole Foods. We will certainly try some of their meats to grill this summer or come here to pick up meats and cheeses for a spread. We also look forward to next month’s bacon selection. There were three employees working there that day, and two of them were friendly and pleasant. It seemed like the other one just got news that he was fired yet still had to finish his shift. Their produce selection was limited (maybe 10-12 different options) as were their spices. Our rating below is reflected solely based on the sandwiches and gelato we had, all of which were reasonably priced. Our rating would be different if we were rating this place as a store rather than a sandwich shop. For the record, the bacon is a 10 on a scale of 1-5.


Food: 3/5
Northeast (SoBro)
Dress Code:

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