Delicia • Tuesday, April 8, 2014


5215 N College Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220
After making a couple of reservations (Recess and Rbistro) we opted for plan C—Delicia. Not to give it all away, but we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision. Delicia is a lone-standing brick structure with limited parking—maybe 15 spots, so you might have to find street parking like we did. Also this place DOES NOT accept reservations or calling ahead, and becomes crowded pretty regularly, so just be prepared to wait. We went on a Wednesday and we didn’t have to wait to get a table, but by the time we got our dinner the entire place seemed to have filled up. The owners recently opened a more cocktail-driven bar offering smaller dishes that adjoins Delicia called La Mulita. Once you walk into the main door you go right to get to Delicia, or you can go left to go to the new La Mulita. The decor is sleek and modern with an open layout. They even have small pillows in the booths which is a nice, comfortable touch.

Queso Fundido Con Chorizo ($10)

Queso Fundido Con Chorizo ($10)

After we put in our order, our server, Patty, came to the table with complimentary soup—we believe it was called sancocho. It was served in a small cup, almost the size of a shot glass, and was made to be consumed by sipping straight from the “bowl.” No need for a spoon. All the ingredients are blended down to a liquid with no clumps. It was delicious and a nice (and complimentary) start to the meal.
We ordered the Queso Fundido Con Chorizo ($10) with baked chihuahua and panela cheeses, chorizo and a tomatillo-poblano sauce. This dish got mixed reviews between us. Sean wasn’t a huge fan because for him there was only one note—lime. He felt this took away from the cheese and chorizo flavors. I love lime and tomatillo, so I was in heaven, but I can agree that there wasn’t that much chorizo in the dish at all. Still, I loved the flavors and the cheese/salsa combination was great. We did have to ask for more chips since we ran out of chips before we ran out of salsa (these were free of charge).
Recommendation: If you are thinking of something salty and creamy, this is not your dish. If you want something tangy, give this a shot.
Jalapeños Con Queso De Cabra ($9)

Jalapeños Con Queso De Cabra ($9)

We also ordered the Jalapeños Con Queso De Cabra ($9)—three fried jalapeños with goat cheese, queso fresco and a hibiscus-habanero glaze. This dish definitely packed some heat, but we can’t complain since we both love spicy food. Jalapeños can vary in terms of how spicy they are depending on certain factors (age, where it was grown, etc.) and we got some on the hotter side of the spectrum. The heat did overpower the creamy flavor of the goat cheese, but the hibiscus-habanero glaze provided some much needed sweetness to the dish. It helped counterbalance the spice and tasted similar to fresh raspberries. There were many layers of flavor to this dish, making it very complex and enjoyable.
Recommendation: A great dish with contrasting flavors.

Enchiladas De Pato ($16)

Enchiladas De Pato ($16)


Sean ordered the Enchiladas De Pato ($16)—three duck enchiladas with tomato-habanero sauce, cilantro-lime crema, topped with chihuahua queso and served with a side of herb green rice and  stewed black beans. The roughly 4″ corn tortillas were not rolled, they were just folded over (think taco), which actually allowed for more duck to be stuffed inside. The duck was tender and the ‘gameyness’ of the bird could be tasted through the other flavors, which Sean loved. The tomato-habanero sauce was very mild i.e. heavy on the tomato but tasted great regardless. The cilantro-lime crema got lost among the other flavors, but that didn’t detract from the taste of the dish. The herb green rice was not our favorite and was mostly left untouched. However, what the rice lacked in satisfaction, the black beans more than made up for in flavor. They were delicious!
Recommendation: Aside from the rice, this plate was cleaned.
Pork Carnitas Tacos ($15)

Pork Carnitas Tacos ($15)

I ordered the Pork Carnitas Tacos ($15)—three carnitas tacos with salsa fresca, lime, and a side of stewed black beans and herb green rice. There were two corn tortillas (same ones used in the enchiladas) surrounding each taco , so I removed the outer tortilla. Since I like my tacos with lime, I asked for more than the one wedge they provided. There was plenty of pork per taco and the salsa fresca was refreshing, but the dish lacked some raw onions. Traditionally, tacos are topped with lime, cilantro and onions, so I think the onions would have been perfect. Sean thought that the pork (roasted whole and then cut up into piece and pan fried) was slightly dry, but I don’t think that affected the overall flavor too much. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. I echo Sean’s thoughts on the rice and beans.
Recommendation: A simple dish that could be made better with onions, but great overall.

Flan ($6)

Flan ($6)

Because it was Sean’s birthday (something Patty overheard and took it upon herself to be awesome) we were given a complimentary Flan ($6)—vanilla, caramel and custard. This flan was silkier than other flans we have had. It was simple, but delicious.
Recommendation: If you like flan, you will like theirs.
Churros and Chocholate ($6)

Churros and Chocholate ($6)

We also ordered the Churros and Chocholate ($6)—four 5″ churros with nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar, served with an ancho-chocolate dipping sauce. The churros were deliciously fluffy on the inside. This is the closest thing to a traditional churro we’ve had in the States. The chocolate sauce was also fantastic.
Recommendation: A great way to end the meal.

Sean ordered the Fire ‘N’ Ice ($10),ajalapeño-infused


Fire ‘N’ Ice ($10) and Margarita ($8)

reposado tequila with a hibiscus, basil and habanero reduction, served with a tres chiles ice ball. It is also rimmed with chili powder and salt. This drink had the perfect amount of spice from the jalapeño-infused tequila and sweetness from the hibiscus. Most bartenders can’t properly execute a spicy cocktail, but this drink was phenomenal.  It was also neat seeing some chili peppers frozen into the ice sphere.
Recommendation: A great cocktail, just be sure to have another drink handy if you order the jalapeño app.

I ordered the Margarita ($8)—sauza 100% blue agave reposado tequila, triple sec, orange blossom water, fresh lime juice, agave nectar. It was easily one of the best margaritas I’ve had in Indy. It wasn’t too strong, but it was still easy to taste each flavor and most importantly, it was fresh. Bakersfield Mass Ave. should come here and take note on what a real margarita is supposed to taste like.
Recommendation: You don’t want to leave here without having at least one.
Mojito ($8)

Mojito ($8)

I also ordered the Mojito ($8) with appleton jamaican white rum, wilks & wilson lime mint simple syrup and soda water. I can’t say I enjoyed this drink nearly as much. There was way too much soda water in it which ruined it for me. As with my last review of a mojito, it would have been great if they added real sugar cane. There also wasn’t mint throughout the drink as there usually is, but Sean preferred this as it was easier to drink.


After months of not being able to find an eatery to brag about, we finally found another place we’d recommend to our friends. The list of restaurants that have blown us away thus far is rather small, so we’re excited to have tried Delicia. Everything from the service to the freshness and variety of flavors was great. As briefly mentioned above, Patty, our waitress, must have overheard me say ‘happy birthday’ to Sean. She didn’t say a word, but took note and brought us the flan unprompted. While this is a minor item, we think it showed incredible attention to detail. She was also very knowledgeable about both the food and drink menus, and was able to answer all of our questions. The atmosphere was fun and sophisticated, and it’s clear that this place is popular for a reason. This is one of the few places that lives up to all of the positive Yelp reviews. The fabulous food and drinks are enough of a reason to come back, but add to that the service and overall feel of the restaurant and they won’t be able to keep us away.


Food: 4/5
Northeast (Meridian-Kessler/SoBro)
Latin American/Mexican/Caribbean
Dress Code:

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