Bagger Dave’s • Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bagger Dave’s

8840 N Michigan Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46268
As you may have figured out by now, we are on the hunt for the best foods in Indy and finding the best burger is at the top of our list. Next up our list was Bagger Dave’s. It’s a sit-down restaurant with wine, local brews and house-made sodas.
Like Punch Burger, they have a few set combinations of toppings, but as we have previously suggested, building your own is generally the way to go to ensure you get everything you want. Another item to note is that although they are a sit down restaurant, they serve their burgers similar to the fast food variety (thin) and the burgers only come medium well. Our waitress did tell us that other temperatures would eventually become available. In order to create your own burger, you fill out the sheet that is on your table by the salt and pepper shakers. Unlike Punch Burger, these toppings were not labeled as being locally sourced.
1/2 pound burger

1/2 pound burger

Sean ordered a 1/2 lb burger ($8.19) (two patties) on a buffalo spice bun with pepper jack ($1) and bleu cheese ($1) topped with their buffalo garlic sauce, applewood bacon ($1.30), mayo, lettuce, pickles, tomato, jalapenos, sautéed onions, and cajun spice. The burger  patties themselves were dry and lacked flavor. The bacon was cut thick and was cooked perfectly—crunchy on the outside, but not on the inside. The buffalo garlic sauce was very powerful and should be renamed garlic buffalo, as the garlic flavor was clearly dominant. Sean thought they put his burger on the wrong bun since there was no spice or flavor to the bun, but he asked the server and she confirmed it was the buffalo spice bun. This was definitely not the best burger in Indy.
Recommendation: Although he threw in everything but the kitchen sink and we know that’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, the burger wasn’t good enough for a second visit.

1/2 pound burger

1/2 pound burger

I ordered the 1/2 lb burger ($8.19) as well on a brioche bun with American cheese ($1), applewood bacon ($1.30), fried egg ($1.30), mayo, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mushrooms and lettuce. They forgot to bring my fried egg and didn’t put mayo on the burger, so we weren’t off to the best start. That would have been easily overlooked if my meal was delicious, but it wasn’t. I have to agree with Sean’s assessment that the burger was pretty bland and dry. The regular bun my burger came on was good, but it was very thick. I imagine it would easily be too much for a one-patty burger. And as we all know, the meat-to-bun ratio is of the utmost importance.
Recommendation: Sadly, I still haven’t found a burger that I’d choose over Five Guys.
We ordered the Fresh-Cut Potato Fries (included) with a choice of a sauce ($0.50 extra). There was some disagreement over the fries. Sean thought they were good, although he admits that they were bland and slightly limp. I thought they tasted like cardboard.
In short, this place would not come recommended from either of us. It is a sit down burger place that serves sub-par burgers. We’re rating Bagger Dave’s slightly above Working Man’s Friend, but below Punch Burger, FIVE GUYS, and BRU Burger as far as Indy burgers joints go. We still have 317 Burger, Bub’s Burgers and Boogie Burger on our radar. Are there other burger places worth trying?


Food: 2/5
Downtown (Wholesale District)
American (traditional), burger
Dress Code:

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6 thoughts on “Bagger Dave’s • Tuesday, April 15, 2014

  1. Last week I had the burger at Matt the Miller’s Tavern in Carmel. I thought it was pretty good. I pretty much agree on your take of burgers in the area. Punch, Five Guys, and Bru are my go to staples…

    • Bru Burger is overpriced for what you get and lacks burger vision. Five Guys is overrated at best and falls in line with Steak n Shake with the exception of their fries.

      • Hi Scott, we agree on Bru Burger. We are still looking for a gourmet burger place that lives up to its reputation. Places like Bru Burger are supposed to far outshine your average take-out burger, but not many do. We’ll be sure to try Between the Bun based on your recommendation. Thanks!

    • Hi Leslie, thanks for your feedback. We’ve heard that from a couple people, so we’ll be sure to add that to our list! Did you like it better than Five Guys or Punch?

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