Ruth’s Cafe • Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ruth’s Cafe

3443 E 86th St. Indianapolis, IN 46240

We were doing our usual Sunday errands when we suddenly looked at each other knowing we were both starving. Ruth’s Cafe (formerly Ruth’s Keystone Cafe)  was right across the street from where we were, so we stopped in. It was around brunch time (12 pm) and this place was packed. We ended up waiting about 15 minutes to get a two top, but it was worth it. The hostess “stand” is an old television unit and the walls are lined with different phrases and quotes.


Eggs Benedict a la Crossing ($9.75)

Eggs Benedict a la Crossing ($9.75)

Sean ordered the Eggs Benedict a la Crossing ($9.75). This came with two poached eggs with homemade hollandaise poured over applewood bacon and grilled asparagus that is on a slice of sourdough toast. This dish hit the spot. The eggs were perfectly poached with runny yolks and the three pieces of bacon were thick, crisp and salty. The asparagus were soft and you could taste the ‘grilled’ flavor. Also, the toast was still crunchy and not soggy like you’d expect. You get a choice of mixed greens or seasonal fruit, so we opted for the fruit. All off the different textures and flavors go together perfectly in this dish. If you’re already a fan of eggs benedict, we’re sure you’ll like Ruth’s version.
Recommendation: They have a few different types eggs benedict, and while we cannot speak to the others, this one was certainly delicious.

Biscuits and Gravy ($8)

Biscuits and Gravy ($8)

I ordered the Biscuits and Gravy ($8). The sausage gravy is made from their own blended sausage and is poured over one biscuit (two biscuit halves). The dish tasted extremely fresh, so we knew it was homemade. The amount of sausage in the gravy (and on the dish) was almost overwhelming. Every bite had at least one giant clump of sausage. Our only complaint is that there weren’t enough biscuits to go with the generous amount of gravy. At some point it’s just gravy with nothing to soak it up. And although the flavors were great, I do think the gravy was a bit thin/runny. I had no regrets with my choice, but I did like the biscuits and gravy at Thunderbird a little better.
Recommendation: Delicious, but another biscuit or two and thicker sauce would make this outstanding.

Cheesecake Pancakes ($9)

Cheesecake Pancakes ($9)

Although completely unnecessary, we ordered the Cheesecake Pancakes ($9)—two big pancakes with nuggets of cheesecake topped with homemade strawberry butter. By the time this plate arrived to our table, we didn’t have any room left, yet we managed to stuff ourselves with one of these pancakes. These were probably the best pancakes we have ever had. The pancakes were really dense and we struggled to cut each bite, but the cheesecake filling was out-of-this world. The filling had the consistency (not flavor!) of sour cream and every bite had us wanting more. The strawberry butter, however, got lost in the cheesecake awesomeness. Although I’m a sweets lover, I’m not a huge fan of cheesecake or dishes that are overly sweet (this dish would qualify with its cheesecake filling, flavored butter AND syrup on the side), but I did really enjoy these pancakes. I opted to skip the butter and syrup, but even then, they still packed plenty of flavor.
Recommendation: If you like sweets or cheesecake… or food in general, this is a MUST.



Brisket Hash ($4.50)

Brisket Hash ($4.50)

Although this is last on our review, it came to use before the cheesecake pancakes. We originally ordered a side of roasted potatoes but then noticed their daily specials on the chalkboard (we were sitting right up against it, so it was hard to see) and saw the Brisket Hash ($4.50) with potato, onion and beef brisket. Like the biscuits and gravy, this had too much meat (as if that is a bad thing) and needed more carbs (potatoes) to even it out, but the sautéed onion in this dish was phenomenal. The flavors in this side item were definitely something to write home about.
Recommendation: It’s hard to fault someone for giving you too much meat, but this really needed more potatoes. Regardless, we’d order it again.



This is a great breakfast/brunch spot, but they are only open until 3pm everyday. In order to avoid waiting in line we would recommend calling ahead/making reservations, if possible. The service wasn’t overly impressive, nor were they very attentive, but the quality and flavors of the food more than made up for that. Ruth’s is FAR better than a cheap breakfast chain, but it’s not as expensive or overrated as some other fine dining spots that offer brunch. We will definitely be returning to try some of the other items on the menu and we’d recommend that you do the same.


Food: 4/5
Northeast (Keystone)
Dress Code:
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