Prime 47 • Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prime 47

14300 Clay Terrace Blvd, Suite 155 Carmel, IN 46032

There are a couple fine dining steakhouses in and around Indy, so naturally we’ve taken it upon ourselves to find out which one is the best. Prime 47 is located in the Clay Terrace outdoor shopping mall close to Dick’s sporting goods (there is also one downtown at 47 S. Pennsylvania St, and thus the name Prime 47). Upon arrival, you’ll notice that you’re able to valet your car for free, which we think is a nice touch, but don’t forget to tip. Before even arriving I already had very high expectations, which as you know, can either be a very good or very bad thing. After graduation, I worked at Ruth’s Chris during an internship, so I am partial to their restaurants for a variety of reasons. I was able to see (behind the scenes) the quality of the products they used, how clean the kitchen was and the high standards they set for their wait staff in terms of knowledge (food and wine) and customer service. The Indy Ruth’s Chris is nowhere near as good as the one in D.C., but we’ll get to that in a future post.


Sea Scallops ($16)

Sea Scallops ($16)

There were four of us dining, so we started with the Sea Scallops ($16) that were wrapped in prosciutto di parma and topped in a balsamic vinegar and an herb garnish. The scallops were perfectly sweet and tender, however, we would have preferred just a little more searing, not only to cook them a little longer, but to give them more texture. The prosciutto was cooked with the scallops, so it was obviously crispier than the uncooked prosciutto that most people are used to. It did add a hint of saltiness, but we thought the scallops might have gone better with uncooked prosciutto. They were enjoyable nonetheless.The balsamic paired well with the sweetness of the scallops and also provided some acidity. There were several flavors in the dish, unfortunately the unseasoned scallops weren’t one of them.
Recommendation: There are probably better appetizers here to be had.

Calamari and Rock Shrimp ($15)

Calamari and Rock Shrimp ($15)

We also had the Calamari and Rock Shrimp ($15) that came with a spicy citrus sauce, peperoncini peppers, red peppers, some lettuce and was topped with chopped scallions. The calamari themselves were slightly under cooked, resulting in a chewy interior and slightly soggy breading. However, the rest of the dish was fantastic. The sauce was flavorful and a little spicy (think spicy mayonnaise) but the citrus was hard to taste. Since their sauce had citrus in it, there lemon was not provided, but it would have been welcomed. The peperoncini peppers provided pops of flavor and the sweetness from the red peppers paired well with the slight spice from the sauce. The sauce also made a great dressing for the lettuce underneath.
Recommendation: If only the calamari were crispier this appetizer would have been perfect.


New York Sirloin ($39).

New York Sirloin ($39).

 Filet  Mignon ($36 for 8oz/$44 for 12oz)

Filet Mignon ($36 for 8oz/$44 for 12oz)









Three of us ordered filets and Sean ordered the NY sirloin. My Filet Mignon ($36 for 8oz/$44 for 12oz) was tender and cooked properly (medium), however I thought it lacked some flavor/seasoning. Sean disagreed with me completely and thought his New York Sirloin ($39) was well seasoned with salt and chopped garlic (he especially loved the garlic). His portion was around 12+ ounces. His very minor complaint was that there was a decent-sized piece of gristle (bottom left of the steak) that was inedible.
Recommendation: Although we disagreed on how much we loved our steaks, we do agree that it’s worth returning.




Baked Sweet Potato ($8)


Loaded Double Baked Potato ($8)


Truffle Fries ($8)


Forest Mushrooms ($8)

We each ordered a side—Baked Sweet Potato ($8), Loaded Double Baked Potato ($8), Truffle Fries ($8) and Forest Mushrooms ($8).

The truffle fries were great. The truffle was subtle and it was clear by the texture of the fries they had the time/temperature combo down to a science. We would have liked more shaved parmesan and some additional dipping sauces would have been great.
Recommendation: Of the sides, this was the biggest portion size.

The loaded double-baked potato with scallions, bacon and white cheddar was delicious. The cheese was plentiful and gooey. The bacon was crispy and it’s, well, bacon. We are onion lovers, so we were slightly disappointed to see only a few scallions. It should also be noted that there was only half a potato. While the half is definitely filling, who wouldn’t want a whole one of these?
Recommendation: Delicious. 

The Forest Mushrooms consisted of three different mushrooms—crimini, shiitake and portabella—with a compound garlic butter. They were tasty and seasoned well, but obviously only a mushroom lover would order these as there’s nothing else to the dish.
Recommendation: Turns out our previous sentence also doubles as our recommendation. 

Last was the Baked Sweet Potato with a cinnamon butter.  The potato was baked to perfection and the compound butter was delicious. It may be a simple side dish, but I would order it again in a second. If it’s too sweet as a side dish, just order it as your dessert. Problem solved.
Recommendation: A must for those with a sweet tooth. 


Ooey Goey Cookie

Ooey Goey Cookie

The Ooey Goey Cookie was a dynamite dish. The cookie was thin and cooked to perfection. And by cooked I really mean slightly undercooked, which is exactly how I like my cookies. If they’re thoroughly cooked, they’re burnt. It comes with a side of chocolate for you to pour on top. This was way too sweet, even for me. The cookie was delicious enough on its own. Our only critique is that vanilla ice is too flavorless. Vanilla bean is the only way to go. Vanilla and vanilla bean–two very different things.
Recommendation: Do not leave here without ordering this. 

Crème Brûlée

Crème Brûlée


We also ordered the Crème Brûlée. Suffice it to say that we wouldn’t order this dessert again. For a ridiculously good creme brûlée, visit Fogo de Chao or Ruth’s Chris.
Recommendation: Get the Ooey Goey Cookie and be done with your meal.



We were very satisfied with our visit, though there are some minor changes that we feel would make a huge difference. For the steak itself, I already mentioned that I’m partial to RC (though not the one in downtown Indy–that one needs help) because I think their steak has more flavor, but Sean disagrees. However, I would return not only for the steak, but for the delicious sides and irresistible dessert. The service was wonderful. They were friendly, attentive and prompt, yet we never felt interrupted. Management checked on every table including ours, which we appreciate. If you do plan a visit, don’t forget they also have several selections of wagyu beef.


Food: 4.25/5
North Suburban (Carmel)
Dress Code:
Business Casual

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