Tijuana Flats • Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tijuana Flats

7834 E 96th St. Fishers, IN 46037 

Often times, bloggers don’t review anything other than expensive, foodie-type restaurants, so in an effort not to get caught in that trap, today’s review is a much like last week’s; a more low-key, casual dining experience. Don’t worry, we’ll never review Applebee’s. Not every meal one eats is going to be created by a culinary genius, so when we’re looking for something quick and inexpensive, T-Flats’ Mexican food is our go-to. Having both lived in Florida during our college years, we are not strangers to this place. Sadly, there is only one location in the entire state of Indiana. Every location is filled with bright colors and has a large selection of hot sauces. We’ve also noticed that unlike most places (from family restaurants to fine dining) the service here is consistently awesome. The company seems to be committed to hiring very friendly, personable people and we love that. Although we order the same items every time we visit, we did see that the menu recently changed.


IMG_1001The Tijuana Trio comes with guacamole, salsa and queso along with a generous serving of chips. Their chips are always crispy, perfectly salted and usually come out warm. Though we’re sure their dips are not homemade, they’re still tasty. The guacamole does not contain cilantro or lime, which is a bummer, but their queso seems to have changed (for the better) over the past couple of years and it’s awesome.
Recommendation: It’s the best way to enjoy all their dips.Remember, they won’t be making your guac table-side. 


IMG_1004I always order the Beef Chimichangas—lightly fried flour or wheat tortilla, cheese, and your choice of filling and toppings. I like all their topping options so mine came topped with queso, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, chives and jalapenos. Usually ordering ground beef at a chain restaurant is a terrible idea, but this is my exception. The chimi is always perfectly crispy, the meal is flavorful and the toppings are fresh. You really can’t go wrong.
Recommendation: There’s a reason I don’t feel the need to explore the menu here. 

Sean’s usual is an order of the Chicken Flautas—two lightly fried flour or wheat tortillas, IMG_1002cheese and your choice of filling. They’re served with sides of sour cream, queso and guacamole as well as your choice of toppings (lettuce, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and black olives). The tortillas have just the right combination of textures: soft yet flaky. The filling (cheese and chicken for Sean) is generally rather sparse, but that can easily be forgotten by dunking the tortillas in the queso and guacamole/sour cream/hot sauce combination. Sean loves to try their many hot sauces, although this Tijuana location does not seem to have many options at the hotter end of the spectrum. Regardless of the fire sauce shortage, the meal is consistently tasty and filling.
Recommendation: Delicious and you definitely won’t leave hungry. 


Since we originally drafted this post, we’ve been back to T-Flat’s more than once. Their new menu includes a couple desserts—churros, fried bananas and fried cookie dough—but we’ll have to update you on the price and description after our next visit. We’ve tried the fried bananas and the fried cookie dough, but have yet to try the churros. So, basically every single thing we order is fried, which probably has a lot to do with why it’s all so delicious. The bananas come topped with powdered sugar and a side of caramel sauce. Everything about this dessert is awesome. The flavors are wonderful, especially when compared to the fried banana we tried at a local sushi place (that review is forthcoming). The powered sugar and caramel could not be more perfect and for around four bucks, it would be almost criminal not to try this dessert. The fried cookie dough, on the other hand, doesn’t get much praise from us. In all fairness, we took this to go, so by the time we got home and ate it, it was soggy and tasted bland. I’m sure it would have been much better had we eaten it at the restaurant so we might give it another shot, but we’re not in a hurry. Moral of the story: get the bananas!


Tijuana Flats’ food never disappoints and it’s always a quick, cheap eat. As previously mentioned, it doesn’t hurt the the staff is always friendly and they bring the food to your table, and it’s a clean, fun atmosphere. Obviously this 4/5 won’t be in the same category as, say, Delicia’s 4/5, but for the type of restaurant it is (cheap), it’s a definite winner.


Food: 4/5
North Suburban (Fishers)
Dress Code:

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